• DH7

    The DH7 brand was born more than ten years ago to respond to the lack of quality products dedicated to black, matte and mixed skin. The goal of this brand is to offer high quality products at affordable prices so that anyone who wants to take care of their skin can do so. Babies are not left out since a complete range is dedicated to them. By taking care of the baby's skin now you are doing him a great service for the future.

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    Eva Grace

    The Eva Grace range offers you a wide range of hair products for curly, frizzy and frizzy hair. Eva Grace products respond to the various problems of damaged and brittle hair.

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  • CBL

    CBL products have been known to highlight black and mixed skin for over 40 years. The research and the quality of the products make CBL a must in the hearths as well for the hydration as for the lightening of the ethnic skins. CBL is a brand of beauty product for the whole family, young and old. The quality of CBL products has been passed down from mother to daughter for generations because the CBL range meets the different needs of family members.

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  • BelDam

    BelDam products, known to all, have been showcasing black and mixed skin for more than 35 years. The quality of Made in Switzerland and what has made BelDam a must in the homes for both hydration and lightening. Although years separate a young child from a grandmother, the constant home remains and will remain the impeccable quality of BelDam products that generations have been able to transmit to meet the different needs of family members.

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  • DermoEvolution
    Dermo Evolution

    DermoEvolution offers a wide range of cosmetics dedicated to Afro-Caribbean women but also to the whole family. DermoEvolution is a complete range offering hygiene products, moisturizing milks, but also targeted facial treatments for all skin tones. In order to be a complete brand DermoEvolution also offers hair products to remedy the difficulties that can meet our hair over the years.

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  • Audran

    The brand Audran offers moisturizing and clarifying beauty products for each type of ethnic complexion. The Audran brand offers a range of products of great wealth suitable for a multi-ethnic clientele (Asian, Caucasian, black, mixed race). Audran has managed over the years to use its knowledge to provide all types of skin with the right products.

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  • EnviA2

    EnviA2 is for Métis and Black women and men looking for quality products at an affordable price. The EnviA2 brand distinguishes itself by offering specific treatments studied for dry, fragile and problematic skin (spots, pimples, ect). EnviA2 products manufactured in France are the daily best weapon to give your skin what it needs.

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  • Ornika

    The Ornika product line meets the needs for hydration, lightening and repair of matte, black and black skin types. With quality ingredients and a 100% French production Ornika offers a full range of facial and body treatments.

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  • Provate

    The Provate range of products is one of the few brands to provide an answer to the problems of stains and impections of ethnic skin. Provate products are specially developed to provide a simple and effective answer to the problems faced by ethnic skins.

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  • UniClair

    After years on the market UniClair has a new look and comes back with products more adapted to black and mixed skin, which face very specific problems. Dry skin and hyperpigmentation should no longer be the everyday of these skins as UniClair has managed to develop products to address these problems.

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  • BelDam

    A Swiss brand that has developed high quality products for all skin types and needs. So a person looking for hydrating care will find happiness thanks to Iris as well as a person looking for a lightening or anti-aging care. Iris has managed to focus the development of products that can make everyone happy.

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