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To make your order you have four possibilities:

-On our website  www.cosmetics-ebene.com 24/24h et 7/7j

-Contacting us by email

-By phone: 01 40 05 94 09     (0,15 € TTC / Min)

-By email, with your order on it 



The following terms & conditions are the only ones applicable for the sales on our website and replace all other terms & conditions except under a previous written formal and specific dispensation from SARL SESSI SESSI. All orders and sales follow the terms and conditions once the customer accept them visiting the website cosmetics-ebene.com then validating his/her order. SESSI SARL directly or thanks to its website www.cosmetics-ebene.com can punctually bring some modifications regarding some points in the terms & conditions, therefore it is necessary that those terms & conditions are checked at each visit on the website www.cosmetics-ebene.com (called on the rest of the text “website”). The modifications are opposable as soon as they are online and can’t be apply on a contract made earlier. Each purchase on the website are driven by the terms & conditions applicable at the date of the order. We consider that by ticking the box “yes, I agree” for the terms & conditions and by validating your order, you accept without reserve our terms & conditions after reading them. .



The prices of our goods are set up by the current rate the day of the invoicing. They are in Euros and with all taxes at the departure of our warehouse, the delivery fees are included. Our company can change whenever the prices but we engage ourselves to apply the prices indicated on the website when the order has been made. All the sales are made by cash payment and in advance for the order and the delivery fees ad this before the shipping of the goods. The transactions on our website are made thanks to a credit card or paypal account on a secured platform. The debit must be confirmed by your bank before the shipping is done otherwise the order won’t be taken into account. In order to protect our customers from a credit card possible fraud, we can ask you to send us by mail, fax or email a copy of you ID and a proof of address. In this case you, your order will be accepted after receiving those documents. In case of forced recovery of funds by SESSI SARL regarding all the orders made on www.cosmetics- ebene.com the buyer, by accepting the terms & conditions, will pay in addition all the fees linked to the recovery of funds (usher’s fees, expenditures, ect), legal interest rates inflated by 5 points and a 15% indigenization of the amount due.



Our company is freed from all obligation of delivery by all fortuitous even or force majeure and in general by all facts uncontrolled by the company, such as strikes, machine standstill or accident, supply difficulties, disrupt transport, burning, ect ...



With the express agreement with the buyer who agrees to submit the disposals of the law L N° 80-335 from 12 May 1980, SESSI SARL regarding all the orders and all the indirect and direct purchases on the website keep the control of the goods property sold in the contractual documents until the full payment in principal, interest and incidental amounts. The disposals of this clause are not an obstacle for the transfer to the buyer at the beginning of the warehouse, the risks of goods loss or deterioration that may occur. The buyer forces himself/herself to assure the goods, subjects to the sale and justify all requisition of existence of this insurance including deputation to the seller profile. The buyer will take into his/her responsibility all the measures to assure the good respect of the obligations arising from the terms & conditions. The seller scan in case of breach of one of the subscribe obligations and after a recognition, retake immediately the goods.



Neither discount is an acquired right for the buyer despite all the previous discounts gave and their amounts. The orders on which a discount is applied due to their size or because of a special treatment and which can’t be fully treated right away will be delivered partially and the remaining of the order simply delayed. The buyer couldn’t prevail the realization deadlines to cancel the remaining of the order.



All advertising materials freely put at disposal of the customer are and remain the property of SESSI SARL through its website www.cosmetics-ebene.com . Therefore SESSI SARL and its website www.cosmetics- ebene.com retain the right to remove them.



All disputes between seller and buyer regardless of the nationality or the place of residence, place of delivery, payment method even in case warranty claim or multiple defendants, will be, in the absence of an amicable agreement, fall under the exclusive competence of Commercial Court in the judicial district where our head office is, therefore it is the Commercial Court of Paris or it president in urgency matters.



Parties agree to submit their contractual relations to the French Law. Who has to check? That can be SESSI SARL or a service such as PAYPAL or another which authenticate the payments.